About David

With 20 years in the field, David Franklin, MA, has vast experience in teaching, facilitating, and coaching hundreds of people in seminars, groups, and private sessions. David is a skilled practitioner in program and curriculum design, facilitation, and evaluation. His expertise is incorporated in leadership and organizational development, visioning and goal setting, team building, communication skills, and mindfulness offering simple, down-to-earth tools for professional and personal growth.

David holds a Masters Degree from LIOS Graduate College of Saybrook University in Organizational Systems: Leadership and Organizational Development, an Associate Certified Coach Credential through the International Coach Federation, and a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. He brings twenty-five years of combined experience as an entrepreneur, business owner, manager, administrator, and employee to lead from experience in his work with clients. David is known for walking his talk, holding strong yet responsive space, and possessing x-ray-like observational abilities and an unparalleled ability to draw out people's essence.

Through his work with clients, David transforms leaders and organizations to meet the triple bottom line of people, profits, and the planet. In addition to increased revenue, his clients benefit from the development of new programs and services, a revitalized mission and vision, as well as improved morale. He helps to create a sense of community, trust, and connection within the organization that goes beyond simply getting a paycheck. David has helped to strengthen leaders to develop sustainable practices that serve the greater community, foster greater teamwork, and generate higher standards of accountability.

In addition to his work as a coach and educator, David is a professional guitarist who has taught and performed for over twenty years. A native New Yorker and bagel and pizza aficionado, he currently lives near Seattle, WA.

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"David is a very approachable authority. He is insightful, clear, skilled and compassionate, capable of taking a person beyond limiting attitudes to experience more of life's possibilities and joys."

~ Dr. Beth Hedva, Director of Counselling and Training-CITIS; Adjunct Research Faculty, Global Program ITP