"David's work has been instrumental in helping us conceptualize our new graduate program. We met the goals outlined in his project recommendations and feel that this step will be critical to launching the program. Since David completed his project, the new graduate program has been identified as one of our new initiatives for our strategic plan. Additionally, we have secured two grants that will allow us to take our plans into the next phase of development and we have secured the University of Washington as a program partner.

David's drive and clarity of thought was extremely helpful during those early periods of development. He was a diligent communicator and supportive advisor as we took our program vision to the next stage. I would recommend David as a consultant and contributor to any nonprofit."

- John Haskin, Senior Vice President for Education, IslandWood

"David and his team offered me hope and inspiration on ways to improve my organization. They genuinely cared, took time to listen, and were flexible in their approach. They were easy to work with, demonstrated excellent communication skills, and used effective approaches to find answers. I appreciated and grasped some key tools and concepts that I could specifically use to enhance my role/responsibilities."

- Ryan Chin, former President, Japanese-American Citizen's League

"David Franklin is a masterful guide to fuller embodiment -- dropping out of the head, the mind, into our own flesh, our own bones, and living a grounded, fulfilling life. My work with him has exceeded all expectations, and I walk the world with more power and greater clarity. I recommend him to other men desiring similar breakthroughs."

- Gene Latimer, President, Unitive Productions, Inc.

"David's x-ray-like observational abilities are bone-marrow piercing. His ability to draw out peoples' essence is unparalleled in my some sixty years on this planet."

- William See, Founder and Facilitator, Paradigmata Nova

"David Franklin is great at what he does-his teaching style is the best I've seen in four colleges (I have six degrees from 1982-1996)."

- Martin Rheinhart, retired professor

"You have changed my life. I am more aware, present, and awake . . . ALIVE! Your work is priceless, and you are changing the world."

- Herbie Thayer, Youth Advocate

"The coaching sessions are crisp and to-the-point. David is definitely the most attentive listener I've ever met. This not only lifts my spirit, but makes a huge difference in our ability to create. The shifts in my life have been profound, because they come from within. Just being with David alters who I am and inspires me."

- Martin Kettelhut, Founder & Lead Coach, InnerActive Institute

"Amazing facilitator!! I would recommend you highly. The planning, leadership role, modeling giving and receiving, and explanation of techniques."

- Ricardo Juarez, Chiropractor

"David has a style that is all encompassing. His words paint an entire picture. I love his explanations. He's one of the best teachers I've ever had."

- Nancy Engleman, Administrator

"David creates a sense of community. He has a good sense of balancing group needs and individual coaching."

- Larry Brown, Executive Chef, Restauranteur