Creating Thriving Organizations for a Thriving Planet

Everyone has blind spots. Whether these blind spots fall into areas in which we have minimal experience, aspects of ourselves (or others) that we simply can’t see, or habitual ways of behaving that don’t produce the results we desire, these blind spots keep us from thriving. This is true for both organizations and the individuals within them.

As a trainer, coach, and consultant, my job is to help identify these blind spots and create and implement a plan for overcoming them. My position as an outsider provides the opportunity to see things that others cannot. For example:

– Unspoken or unacknowledged norms in the organization that are creating ruts and stagnant thinking

– Ineffective communication between the manager and the people above or below that drain the organization of resources and create waste

– Withheld complaints and grievances that can decrease morale and weaken the organization’s core

– Ideas and wisdom that never reach the proper channels that could potentially transform the organization and eliminate debilitating obstacles

In my experience, organizations tend to jump to solutions without clearly identifying the underlying problems. This wastes both time and money, not to mention impacting the morale and confidence amongst employees. My job is to clearly identify the underlying problems in order to provide solutions that are effective, sustainable, and create real change that is relevant to and that strengthens the bottom-line goals and mission of your organization.

It is also too common for organizations to know what they need to do but often fail to follow through on implementing a long-term action plan. In my desire to see organizations thrive, it is my job to implement and carry out a plan of action that can remain in place long after my work is complete. My goal is to help organizations become independent and self-generating, capitalizing on the wisdom and talent within.

I not only want to see organizations thrive for themselves, but also for the betterment of the planet. It is not enough to simply focus on the bottom line. Given the many challenges we face in our world, we also need to consider the well-being of both people and the planet. The three are interlinked: health in any one of these areas creates health in the other two. As a trainer, coach, and consultant, keeping all three areas in harmony are vital to the success of the organization.

Whether you are experiencing significant problems or simply want to take your organization to the next level, or anything in between, my services can provide the catalyst and the follow up to implement and sustain change. Just knowing change is needed is not enough to make a difference. With appropriate coaching, consulting, and/or training, your organization can take the action necessary to create and sustain the desired changes.

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