Overview of Services
My passion is in working with leaders and organizations who are committed to creating a world that serves the greatest good. As such, my priority is to support your organization in fulfilling the triple bottom line: people, profits, and the planet. I want to see you and your organization fire on all cylinders, where you and your co-workers:

  • Come to work inspired, energized, and ready to get the job done
  • Accomplish tasks quickly and effectively
  • Experience a sense of community, trust, and connection that goes beyond simply getting a paycheck
  • Achieve balance between your personal and professional lives
  • Prosper financially
  • Take pride in what you stand for
  • Know where you're going and how you'll get there
  • Do whatever it takes to achieve you vision and mission
  • Make a difference in the world and create real change

In order to help you and your organization thrive, training, facilitation, leadership coaching, and systems consulting is available with David. Although these modalities are not necessarily exclusive of one another, the following chart provides an overview of how they can support you in getting the results you desire.

Leadership Coaching
Organizational Consulting

  • One-on-one
  • Regular ongoing sessions
  • Emphasis on your needs and goals as they apply to the organization
  • In-depth learning with ample opportunities for feedback, self-correction, and growth
  • Especially for Directors, Administrators, Managers, Entrepreneurs

  • Group learning
  • One-time or ongoing sessions
  • Emphasis on the organization's or group's bottom-line needs and objectives
  • Targeted instruction to improve and/or teach new skills and competencies
  • Especially for Teams, Board of Directors, Departments, Organizations

  • Organization-wide
  • Regular meetings and interaction
  • Emphasis on the entire organization
  • Diagnostic tools and creative solutions for addressing organizational roadblocks as well as opportunities
  • Non-profits, Entrepreneurial Ventures, Small Businesses, Agencies

  • Become a trustworthy and respected leader to whom others look to for guidance and direction
  • Create a clear and compelling vision that attracts and inspires people
  • Master leadership skills to improve performance and engage people at all levels of your organization
  • Cultivate an atmosphere of inclusion and collaboration
  • Empower and support others to maximize their potential
  • Manage conflict and improve communication amongst members
  • Follow through with your ideas and plan of action

  • Create a common language and culture that unites members and improves communication, including giving/receiving feedback,
  • Strengthen accountability throughout the organization
  • Get members on the same page
  • Maximize team performance and collaboration
  • Establish organizational norms that can be easily understood, followed, and supported
  • Create compelling goals and action plans
  • Create organization-wide competencies in areas vital to the organization's success.

  • Diagnose and correct problems and patterns that sabotage success while identifying key strengths upon which to capitalize
  • Implement policies and procedures that support the organization's goals, mission, vision, and values
  • Create a company culture in which everyone wants to be a part of and contribute
  • Establish clear roles and responsibilities
  • Have a long-term plan for growth and success
  • Establish innovate ideas that strengthen the organization's ability to be resilient, adapt, and flourish
  • Make decisions more quickly, easily, and effectively
  • Energize your organization
  • Significantly impact those whom you serve

If you:
  • Are a leader who values the triple-bottom-line: people, profits, and the planet
  • Are a non-profit, small business, entrepreneur, or socially-responsible organization who wants to make a difference in the world
  • Recognize that changing the world includes changing yourself, and are committed to walking your talk
  • Are willing to take a stand for the change you wish to see

Then contact David to get started immediately!

Several years ago, I was at a crossroads. I had just gotten divorced, was in debt up to my eyeballs, and was a small business owner working for less that my employees made. Through working with David, I rediscovered my ability to identify my feelings, connect with my loved ones and in the business world, and access a huge reservoir of wisdom, patience, and understanding. Our work together helped me bring more balance in my work/life and be both a more present partner and father. If you want to understand yourself better, be able to quickly identify your feelings, and carry yourself in a manner that naturally attracts others, work with David!

~ Brad Berscheid, Co-Owner, Health Coach, Bootcamp R.D.F.T.

The Five-Step Process:

1. As part of a free consultation, David will meet with you and/or key stakeholders to discuss your goals, needs, and bottom-line objectives. We will discuss potential modalities for change, including leadership coaching, training/facilitation, and/or consulting.

2. We will work together to draft a contract specific to the identified needs above that includes project goals and related measures, timeline, roles, financial agreements, and points of accountability.

3. The project begins. At every stage of the project, instead of offering generic, cookie-cutter solutions, David will offer unique, personalized, and creative solutions and tools that meet the objectives of the contract. Along the way, David will offer feedback, propose interventions, and create action plans as needed with key stakeholders at regular meetings. As new discoveries are made, problems uncovered, and new awarenesses gained, we will change, modify, or continue with the initial goals in order to give you the best possible results.

You can count on being involved throughout the project: rather than David assuming a "guru" role or creating long-term dependency, he will support you to become empowered, generative, and self-sufficient in order to effectively lead, manage, grow, and sustain your organization long after our work together is complete.

4. Upon completion of the project, we will meet and evaluate whether or not to re-contract or close out the project. Upon close out, David will provide you with a project report that includes a summary of our work together, action steps, and recommendations for moving forward. You will have already begun the change process, and thus have the necessary tools, skills, and major adjustments in place to ensure continued success.

5. You will come away with a clear vision for moving forward, integrated tools to utilize, a concrete plan of action, and a fresh perspective. You will have everything you need to thrive.

To schedule a free consultation, contact David