Systems Consulting

Do you or your organization:
  • Feel disheartened by a lack of trust in your organization?
  • Experience poor results from products and services?
  • Feel disorganized, overwhelmed or as though you are treading water?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, Systems Consulting with David can support you to achieve the level of success and impact that you desire. Through regular meetings, programs, and sessions, you will learn the tools needed to create a thriving organization.

Systems Consulting can help you:
  • Diagnose and correct problems and patterns that sabotage success while identifying key strengths upon which to capitalize
  • Implement policies and procedures that support the organization's goals, mission, vision, and values
  • Create a company culture in which everyone wants to be a part of and contribute
  • Establish clear roles and responsibilities
  • Have a long-term plan for growth and success
  • Establish innovate ideas that strengthen the organization's ability to be resilient, adapt, and flourish
  • Make decisions more quickly, easily, and effectively
  • Energize your organization
  • Significantly impact those whom you serve

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"David's work has been instrumental in helping us conceptualize our new graduate program. We met the goals outlined in his project recommendations and feel that this step will be critical to launching the program. Since David completed his project, the new graduate program has been identified as one of our new initiatives for our strategic plan. Additionally, we have secured two grants that will allow us to take our plans into the next phase of development and we have secured the University of Washington as a program partner.

David's drive and clarity of thought was extremely helpful during those early periods of development. He was a diligent communicator and supportive advisor as we took our program vision to the next stage. I would recommend David as a consultant and contributor to any nonprofit "

~ John Haskin, Senior Vice President for Education, IslandWood

Features of Systems Consulting:
  • Organization-wide
  • Regular meetings and interaction
  • Emphasis on the entire organization
  • Diagnostic tools and creative solutions for addressing organizational roadblocks as well as opportunities
  • Non-profits, Entrepreneurial Ventures, Small Businesses, Agencies