Training & Facilitation

Do you or your organization:
  • Spend more time than you would like in unproductive, dull meetings or doing mundane tasks that drain your energy?
  • Find that you and your co-workers frequently disagree and are unable to get on the same page?
  • Experience high turnover, stress, or low morale in your organization?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, Training & Facilitation with David can support you to achieve the level of success and impact that you desire. Through one-time or regular sessions, you will learn the tools needed to create a thriving organization.

Training & Facilitation can help you:
  • Create a common language and culture that unites members and improves communication, including giving/receiving feedback,
  • Strengthen accountability throughout the organization
  • Get members on the same page
  • Maximize team performance and collaboration
  • Establish organizational norms that can be easily understood, followed, and supported
  • Create compelling goals and action plans
  • Create organization-wide competencies in areas vital to the organization's success.

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"Amazing facilitator!! I would recommend you highly. The planning, leadership role, modeling giving and receiving, and explanation of techniques."

~ Ricardo Juarez, Chiropractor

Features of Training & Facilitation:
  • Group learning
  • One-time or ongoing sessions
  • Emphasis on the organization's or group's bottom-line needs and objectives
  • Targeted instruction to improve and/or teach new skills and competencies
  • Especially for Teams, Board of Directors, Departments, Organizations